Health & Wellness  

Carolyn Shannon

  Empowerment Starts Here 

is offering 3 Chakra Balancing Session Packages including Creative Chakra Chime CD Until June 30th.  Let's Pick a Date & Time. Contact Carolyn  905-371-3818

 Pushpa Bansal 

 Matrix Tapper

Akashic Records Reading Via Skype for $40. (Value $80) Until May 31st! OR Get a $40 Akashic Record Reading when Hosting a group of 5 or more friendsRead More About Akashic Records. Contact Pushpa  289-489-8819 to Book Your Personal, Group or Skype Appointment Today

 Keith & Tammy Robinson 

Organo Gold Coffee

are offering $5.00 off a Box of Organo Gold Gournet Coffee or Tea to BEEniagara Members ONLY! Contact Tammy 905-329-3363

FIRST MONTH FREE! (with paid deposits on bottles) Quality Reverse Osmosis Bottled Water Delivery! Contact Wilma Today to Get Started! 905-934-0966

 Personal & Spiritual 

 Gloria Messenger  

The Angel Messenger 

Pre-Order  $10.00 Discount on Her Soon to Be Published Book of Personal Angel encounters and Angel Inspired Artworks called: The Rythmn of Angel Wings. (Value $35.) Contact Gloria 905-468-5529.  

 Louise Michaud

Message from Spirits

Is Offering 20% Off a Spiritual Reading Using Mediumship for Anyone Who Books NOW! (Value $65.) Contact Louise 905-934-3468 

  Promotion & Design 

 Gayle & Chris Hanlon

Coffee News Niagara 

First 2 Weeks FREE with 26 Month Open Ended Contract for BEEniagara Members ONLY! Contact Gayle/Chris to Book Your Spot! 289-786-1117

  Sunny Halani


Too MANY Printing Specials to List! Open Here! Also 10% Off Most Services with a Get More Card!!! Sign Up for Free. Then Contact or Send Your Printing Orders to Sunny or call 905-374-7127


Always has a 10% Off On Cleaning Services for Seniors & Special Needs Homes. Contact Emilie Doig for More info 289-228-8007

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 (New Business Empowering start-up group - previously know as PeopleInConnectionNiagara)

BEEniagara founded Jan.1, 2013 by Carolyn Shannon

(Former Chapter Leader of PIC Niagara & CO-Host of PICTALK TV 2008-2012), Created January 2013

Published by True Emotions Artwork Plus, Niagara, CANADA