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Time Sensitive Everyone Offers!!!

EVERYONE Mother's Day/Father's Day Special! Angel Portrait Gift Packages! Give YOURSELF the Gift of having your very own Channelled Guardian Angel Portrait Package Mother/Grandmother & Daughter/Son Gift Angel Portrait Package! ONLY $242 (Value $320- SAVE $78) Contact Our Silver Sponsor Gloria Messenger 905-468-5529 ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BY APRIL 30/17 to be Received by Mother's Day if BY MAY 31 to be Received by Father's Day or just taking advantage of this Offer!!! (Reminder! Your Channelled Business Angel(s) are Tax Deductible)

EVERYONE  Mother's Day SPECIAL!!! USE CODE BEEAPR17 to receive 20% Off Box of Hugs Gift Items. ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BY APRIL 30/17!!!  Contact Our Bronze Sponsor Joanne Cannings 905-682-5380

EVERYONE  Mother's Day SPECIAL!!! Our BEE H2Only would like you to just taste our pure water.  There’s nothing like it!   I’m inviting you to try out our water and service for the entire month of May, absolutely free.   If you like it, as well as our prices and service, we’d be happy to continue serving you. There is never any obligation or a contract for you to sign.  As long as you are happy and hydrated, you’ll keep ordering! 
Serving the Niagara Region since 1994, our water is so pure, we serve  all of the hospitals in the Niagara Region.  No office is too small or industry too large.  Please call 905-934-0966 or e-mail Wilma Snippe so we can deliver to you for the month of May for FREE! 
If you think you could do better with powerful Internet tools that are available to anyone, you want to take advantage of this 50% Off Special Marketing Offer Website Master Tune-up. 24+ page report & 2-hour in office consultation. All for $149.00! (Reg $299) We deliver your report personally, during a 2-hour expert consultation, where we go over the information, explain what your priorities should be, and answer any questions you may have. You will be able to take the report directly to your Webmaster or staff for immediate implementation – or you can hire us. 
 can advise on expected budgets, strategies and tactics that you will need to ensure your online efforts are rewarded with more visibility, better organic search results and top grade engagement for your prospects . Contact BEE Dan Willis to Order 905-934-7368 Expires May 31, 2017
Printing Specials: 1000 Business Cards $22, 1000 Postcards $54, More Specials @ Publicita Website. Contact BEE Dan Willis to Order 905-934-7368 Expires May 31, 2017
More Everyone Offers

EVERYDAY Specials! Our Platinum Sponsor THE UPS Store has Continuous Specials TOO GOOD to Pass UP!!! Contact Sunny Halani 905-374-7127 to order now!

EVERYONE Offer! Complimentary Coaching Session to Take YOU To YOUR Next Step of Possibility! Contact BEE Charmaine Grace 905-329-3363 for a Life Strategy Session towards YOU Next Step!!! 

EVERYONE SPECIAL Offer! Get YOUR Business Online Business Kickstarter Breakthrough! 30 Minute Free Coaching Session for the non-techy entrepreneur. Workshops, Online courses, Live calls. contact Karen Hilts of Get It In Niagara

EVERYONE Special!  HOST a Clara Clark Bedding Party, Earn FREE Bedding!!! 6372 Maitland St. Niagara Falls Contact Tammy Robinson 905-329-3363 or visit Facebook Page to view Samples

EVERYONE Special! Check Out Unique Perspective's original art and photography on ETSY! Use coupon SAVE20 and SAVE 20% Contact Jennifer Gruhl for more info 

EVERYONE Special! Do you have an empty filing cabinet and boxes full of paper in your office? Mind over Clutter is offering a free 30 minute Virtual Organizing Session. Here's how it works:

1. We book a virtual appointment with Skype  2. You show me your home office! 3. I solve your organizing dilemmas! To take advantage of this free introductory offer Contact Julie Stobbe

EVERYONE Special! FREE Marketing Set Up Using Send Out Cards or FREE Financial Consultation! Tax Evasion is Illegal..Tax Avoidance is Smart Business Planning! Contact Our Bronze X2 Sponsor Siegfried Merten of Merten Financial 289-723-1484 to Book Your Appointment Now!

EVERYONE SPECIAL! Get One Hour Free with 4 Hour Cleaning Session! Fresh Start to the New Year MAID EASY!!! Gift Certificates Available Too! ContacEmilie Doig of Fresh Start Green Cleaning to Give a Gift of Time Off from Cleaning. 289-228-8007 

EVERYONE Special! Free Consultation and Assessment for In Home Health Care. Contact Eleanor Stasiw of Right at Home Canada 289-407-4799 to Book An Appointment Now!

 Member ONLY SHORT TERM Special Offers   (SEE BEE 2 BEE Honey for LONG TERM)  

MEMBER ONLY SPECIAL Offer! Receive a FREE Spot in Compassionate Body Pilates's Saturday Workshop Series. ONLY 1 Per BEE! Contact Diane Archer to Book Your Spot! LAST Session is May 6, 2017
MEMBER ONLY Spring Special! Receive an Autographed Copy of The Angel Messenger's Book: A Mirroring Discovery & Angel Vision Message Cards which compliment each other for ONLY $25. (Value $56) Contact Our Silver Sponsor Gloria Messenger 905-468-5529 Ends June 1/17
MEMBER ONLY Spring Special! Receive $10 OFF when you purchase a Pair of Neuro-Path to Wellness Socks with a Pair of Wellness Insoles. (No Tax or Shipping Either!) Contact Ken Bradford to start your wellness program from the feet up! 289-990-5252 ONLY Until the End of June 2017
MEMBER ONLY Special! Receive 20% off Mary Kay Cosmetics!!! Order directly from Diane Montreuil 289-241-6750

MEMBER ONLY Special! Women of Worth Magazine is offering a Business Card Listing in 2 Directory Categories!! (Value $100) for $50 Apply here and we will invoice you to pay by Paypal / Bank $ Transfer to pay within 30 days. 

MEMBER ONLY Special! Full SOUL/Akashic Records New Years Reading (Value $100.) for $60.00 Know your Purpose & Answers from working it from Your Spirit Guides. Contact Pushpa Bansal to Book Your  Personal or Skype Reading Now! 289-489-8819

MEMBER ONLY Special!  One Time Full Reiki Session for $25. to BEEniagara Members (Val $60).  Contact Shihan Roxsane Rysdae 905-371-5437 for More Info or Book Your Spot  (Will continue in BEE 2 BEE Area)

MEMBER ONLY Special! Have an Akashic Records (your soul's blue print) Party at your home and your friends will only pay $50.00 for their half hour individual reading, you will get a Complementary reading. Includes Mp3 recording. Min number for party 6-8 Discount (Regular price $120.00) Contact Pushpa Bansal to Book Now! 289-489-8819 

MEMBER ONLY Special!  One Time 20% off Reading with Spirit Helpers. (Val $65)Contact  Message From Spirits Contact Louise Michaud 905-934-3468
MEMBER ONLY Special!  When you order the 5 page (or more) Business Growth Website Design Package I am pleased to offer  BEEniagara Members FREE Training for doing their own Wordpress website updates. (Two hour session valued at $130).  For full details email Marie Mushing or call 1-877-330-3384. (Will continue in BEE 2 BEE Area)

MEMBER ONLY Special  First Week FREE for your 26 Week Coffee News Ad ($40.00 Value)   Contact Gayle/Chris Hanlon to Book Your Spot! 289-786-1117 

MEMBER ONLY Special! 25% Off Newsletters (Content &Schedules) Contact Wendy Arleen Harrison of Wendy Arleen to Get YOUR  Newsletter Ready to go Now! 905-401-9797

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 (New Business Empowering start-up group - previously know as PeopleInConnectionNiagara)

BEEniagara founded Jan.1, 2013 by Carolyn Shannon

(Former Chapter Leader of PIC Niagara & CO-Host of PICTALK TV 2008-2012), Created January 2013

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