Let BEEniagara Showcase YOUR Business

For Just $25.00 YOUR Business Can be Part of the WED. Sept 27, 2017, 4-7pm 

Annual Chamber of Commerce Niagara Networks Event - Fallsview Casino Resort

Attend as a Guest OR Not at all While We Promote YOUR Business

Advantages: Grow Your Contact List Via Ballots for Prize (Gift Certificate)

We Do the Work for You (Supply Ballots, Ballot Box, Pens, Signage)

All YOU Supply: Your Business Cards, Brochures OR Flyers & Gift Certificate)

(Limited space per participant - So PLEASE Adhere to Above)

ONLY 6 Showcase Spots Available on a First Pay Basis

The Early Birds Get the HONEY!

 Only 6 Spot Available! 

Find Out More BEFORE Applying


Please Choose All That Apply:

Method of Payment (Due to First Pay First Get Urgency of This ONLY PAYPAL/EMAIL $ Transfer Payments Accepted.

Send Bank Email $ Transfer to beeniagara@gmail.com